He started his career as a commercial TV producer for major companies. In 2004 his passion for culture and the environment led him to produce, direct and write the first opus of the documentary trilogy “HERITAGE”. The feature documentary “HERE TO STAY” (Original title « Nous Resterons sur Terre ») which takes an uncompromising look at the state of the Earth, was co-produced with the French film studio GAUMONT FILM COMPANY. Starring Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Mikhail Gorbachev and Wangari Maathai, environmentalist James Lovelock and Philosopher Edgar Morin, the film has been released in 25 countries with support from UNESCO and UNEP.

In 2015, Olivier created and developed an audio-visual archive bringing together an unprecedented number of testimonies from archaeologists, museum curators and attendants who have contributed significantly to the protection and rescue of Syrian Heritage since the start of the armed conflict in 2011. On numerous occasions, he brought his expertise in the development of tangible cultural heritage as a contractor for various United Nations agencies. During his many stays in Syria, he wrote, directed and produced the second film of the “HERITAGE” trilogy. Based on the incredible true story of ordinary people saving the antique collections of the Aleppo Museum during the war, the docudrama “THE OATH OF CYRIAC” was completed in May 2021.



After spending over 10 years as an editor, motion designer and senior post-producer in the film industry (advertising, TV programs, live events broadcast) his passion for culture has led him to co-produce various documentary films on heritage, mainly in the middle east. Since 2017 he has worked with warzone archaeologists, telling their stories through powerful imagery and documenting the impact of conflict on World Heritage. During these last 3 years he has devoted himself body and soul to the production, filming and editing of the docu-fiction “The Oath of Cyriac”.

Franck’s extensive background in all aspects of content production combined with his mastery of digital grading, takes the look and mood of every single shot to the highest level.



Yasmine is a Syrian archaeologist with a bachelor degree in archaeology from the University of Damascus- Syria and a PhD degree in History from the Università degli Studi di Pavia- Italy, where she focused her research on the anthropomorphic figurines and jewelry from Tell Mozan (ancient Urkesh)- Syria, and important site in Syro- Mesopotamia dating back to the fourth millennium BC, where she worked for many years on the excavations in the field and all the other activities related to the Urkesh archaeological project. She is currently responsible for the Urkesh archaeological mission’s activities in Syria.

“The Oath of Cyriac” is her first contribution to a film, but her in-depth knowledge of Syrian archeology and its stakes during the war were a major asset in the cinematic process.



Laurent is a French composer, DJ and producer. He is the author of several Hits and albums. He reached the top of the charts with “No stress”, “Saxo” , “Calinda”, “Wash my world”, “Explosion”, “Survive”, “Susy”, “Walk the line” and many others. Laurent Wolf won the 2008 World Music Awards in the DJ category. Single “No Stress”, starring Eric Carter, was number 1 on the world’s major charts in October 2008. In 2009 DJ Mag announces the results of their annual Top 100 DJ, Laurent Wolf is placed in the 66th place, the same year he opens the first part of Madonna’s concert in Nice, remixes Beyonce’s hit “If I were a boy” and plays in the most legendary clubs of Ibiza, Miami, Moscow, London, Barcelona, Dubai,…

In recent years, he has traveled the world while preparing his next album and composing his first film score for “The Oath of Cyriac”.



LOQMAN RUSTOM is a Syrian and Palestian editor and aerial cinematographer. He started his career 8 years ago in the broadcast news TV business before moving successfully to Feature film, Series & Documentary. Before joining the team of THE OATH OF CYRIAC as first assistant director, he worked several times with the greatest Syrian directors such as Basil Al-Khatib or Ahmed Al-Ahmad. The Oath of Cyriac is his second collaboration with director Olivier Bourgeois.